Who we are

Bennie Niemand with his family

Ernst Coetzee and his family

The idea to start a nursery came about when Bennie Niemand and Ernst Coetzee met in 2011 when they realised that they can start a nursery because of the experience that Ernst had as a nursery owner  and Bennie’s farming experience. 
Ernst has just sold his nursery and Bennie is a vegetable farmer in George.
Bargain Nursery is a family owned and family run business.
The nursery is a local business that is creating a lot of jobs as it is very labour intensive.
Our aim is to create a successful business that can support our families as well as creating work for our team of workers.

Why a nursery?

We grow plants on our farm just across the N2 highway at George.
The plants are locally grown and is adapted to the local climate
The plants are suitable for the area.
The plants will, once planted, grow because it is locally gown
Our plants are well priced as we grow it ourselves.

How ?

George has the perfect climate for growing plants.
We cater to the domestic market and focus on household and DIY market.
We provide large variety of plants
We share our knowledge and experience
We empower our workers through training and learning plans.
Our plants are reasonably priced
Local grown plants for local people at local prices … please tell us if you are not a local !!